Friday, April 19, 2013

Feature Art Friday: Boo the agility dog

Boo is one of three agility dogs I have painted. I painted Rosie in my pre-blogging days but you can see photos & read Justice's amazing rescue story here.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear March, I can explain...

Dear March,

Let me explain. First, let me apologize. I am genuinely sorry if you feel that you did not get enough attention from me. You are probably correct in making that assumption, although if memory serves, you can be a bit of a drama queen some years. Not this year though, not at all. It was all my fault. 

I barely even looked at you, even after you tried so hard to get my attention...

You brought me daylight savings time, which I will admit carries with it the loss of an hour of sleep, but ohhh... that extra hour of daylight. That daylight makes me so happy.

You provided a few warm days & as someone who dislikes the cold, I should have shown some appreciation.

Spring break. Those two words alone were worth at least a blog or two & you. got. nothing. An entire week with no schoolwork, sight words & signing notes for teachers? It's the best. And still, I didn't even look up.

Please don't take it personally- I didn't mean to let you get away without saying thank you, but I had seven paintings in various states of completion, the last 2 of our new family birthdays & my "big girl job" has not inspired anything but stress & a slight twitch in my left eye lately.

April will be better. The paintings are done, the birthdays are done, the work stress is fading & the weather is improving. Yes, April will be better.

Oh- I shouldn't have said that. Wait, don't leave mad.... March? Hello?