Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So here's the thing...

              So here’s the thing- I got you a book for your high school graduation. I know… this is probably the only summer for the next few years that you won’t find yourself having books shoved at you by folks demanding that you read them, but you really should read this one. It’s short, I promise. I actually read it with three loud children circling me like hungry sharks & if I can do it, you can do it. It might take 15 minutes but it’s a great little book.
              We don’t know each other well, but over the last 12 years of working for your dad, I have witnessed something really cool that you should know about. I often find myself in meetings or luncheons or events with one or both of your parents & invariably several people come up to them (they apparently know everyone) & the first thing they ALWAYS say is “How is Scout?” Think about this for a second, Scout. They don’t ask about work or the general “How’s the family?” or even “How’s your son?” They ask about YOU. By name. Because even if they do not know you personally, or like me, they know you, but not well… your parents talk about you enough that they remember you. And each time someone mentions you I look to your parents & see their faces light up. Every. Single. Time. Pretty cool, huh?
              Now that I have told you this fun little fact, I wonder if you might consider doing me a favor- two, actually. One needs to happen prior to you leaving for college. The other needs to happen for the rest of your life. Oddly, the former may prove to be more of a challenge than the latter.
First, I need you to teach your dad how to text. You are the last hope for this to ever happen. If you don’t, I will spend my days having your father stroll in my office & dictate messages to you when he misses you & your mother will spend her evenings with him peering over her shoulder reading conversations the two of you are having. So take care of that, will you?
Second, call your mother. Often. Not just while you are in college- You have to do this one forever. Because no matter when you call her, or how often you call her, she is likely to say, “Scout! I was just thinking about you!” And because she is your mother, no matter how often you call, that statement will be true.

Best wishes, kiddo. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Congratulations!!