Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm Jane's Girl.

For Mother's Day, I gave my mom a tiny little gift bag with a sticker on it bearing this logo & casually mentioned it was from my new shop- then I waited on it to sink in. Jane is my mom, and although she has known for a few months that I was planning to open a new Etsy shop, we had yet to discuss the name. My Aunt Melba, mom's identical twin, who is a bit of a fireball, immediately started crowing about how long she had known this was going to happen. She actually helped me design the logo... what can I say? I had to get my creative streak from somewhere & it wasn't Jane.

At some point mom realized that there was actually something in there & I had not just gifted her an empty bag with her name emblazoned across the front. I made her a bracelet with both of my nephew's names and football numbers on it... because in that moment  the only thing that could make her happier than me naming a business after her would be something related to any of her grandchildren. As it should be.

Here's the story behind the name. Happy Mother's Day!!!