Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An apology to a fortune cookie

This art will be featured this week in the 'Feature Art Friday' post

Dear Fortune Cookie,

Sorry I didn't "get it" the first time- when you gave me this little bit of advice. Maybe I thought you were being sarcastic... I appreciate sarcasm- some might say I make a sport of it. I would like to point out in my own defense that it is taped to my easel. Twice. I know... you probably don't enjoy having to repeat yourself- but I'm really starting to get it, I promise. And I have a huge amount of gratitude for it- this "enoughness". (Yes, I know I made it up, but I'm writing an apology letter to an inanimate object- making up new words is the least of my problems right now.)

Things are changing over here, in very big ways. I am trying to keep space in my head & in my heart for more than just the gratitude, but also for those words. As I get busier & dreams start coming true I wonder if I can do it & who am I to think I should have all of this love & creativity & support & opportunities... then I remember the words that are repeated across my easel.

When I worry that there won't be enough time or enough money or enough confidence to try to bring my dream life into reality, I must remember...

No need to worry... I will always have everything I need.

And for that I am really truly grateful.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Feature Art Friday: Flora Bowley love

Here are some little bits of a couple of abstract paintings I am working on. Yes, I said abstract.

It's not usually my thing- I tend to paint dogs & cats that need to have every hair in place... but when one of my favorite artists teaches an e-course, I'm taking it & I'm doing whatever she tells me to. Like paint with a blindfold.

Who knows what they will actually be when they grow up- I don't even know, but I know this: they were so much fun to paint. SO much fun.

I even like the mess they cause.

As far as messes go, that's quite beautiful. Maybe I'll frame those paper towels & take them to my "grown up job" where people can surmise that I have finally gone off the deep end. "It's so sad really, she used to be normal- then she started painting & before we knew it she was framing paper towels & calling it art..."

Guess who else liked the abstract art? Ron Burgundy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

37 things list: homemade wrapping paper

Sweet baby Gemma is one.

The age when wrapping paper & boxes seem so much more interesting than the things they hold.

I made the paper for her gift with brown craft paper, craft paint, stamps, a stamp pad & a marker. So much fun for such a happy little girl.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feature Art Friday: Wishing on a Star

5x5 & 8x8 Prints available here.

Inspired by all of the potential parents out there who wish for a child, this mixed media art is made from acrylic paint & pages from a children's library discard book, cut carefully into letters, stars & hills. I think prints of this art would be a perfect gift for parents or grandparents. Sorry there aren't any "in progress" photos this time around, I was feeling awfully creative & forgot!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The truth

You are loved.

Hopefully by someone who not only tells you, but also shows you each day...

likely by some who may not have an appreciation for or understanding of it...

and possibly by someone you don't even realize...

but the important bit here is this: you are loved.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Feature Art Friday: Honeybrown the Rescue Dog

This is another commission for the Patton Family. Do you remember them? They are the family that deserves a fan club, or in the very least- superhero capes. I'm so happy to know them.

This is Honeybrown (love her name). She is about 15 years old & still lives with this wonderful family who rescued her years ago. She showed up needing a home & was lucky enough to find the front porch of someone with a lot of love to give. I have no doubt that she has paid them back with the same amount of love over all these years.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something unexpected

Imagine my surprise, when driving along in downtown Little Rock, to happen upon this invited graffiti... asking passersby to share something personal with a city full of strangers. I imagined the folks who stopped, taking chalk from the basket & finishing the sentences for the world to see. How quickly did their responses come? Some were silly, some obvious & some I think, had been very carefully carried around in the heart of the person on the business end of that chalk.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quote of the Month- fighting through it

Clearly it was just too long for me to put on a bit of art, but it seemed like such an important observation to share. I love his theory on doing a large volume of work & fighting your way through so that you work will be as good as your ambitions... let me tell you, there has been some scary art made in this house. Art that caused belly-laughs, and not because it was meant to be funny. So I will follow along with Mr. Glass and his advice to keep cranking it out. No matter what.

Preach on Ira, preach on.