Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Newest Ornament on the Tree

Do you remember this? Please notice the perfectly decorated Christmas tree with all of the ornaments placed so carefully... That was our tree pre-children. This is our tree post-children. 

Do you see it? The newest ornament on my Christmas tree? I'll give you a hint... it's most likely to be mistaken for a billboard. A giant cardboard billboard. And you know what? It's my favorite one... because it came into the house (sort of) hidden behind the back of a very excited giggling seven-year-old. Our Christmas tree has never looked better.

As a side note, please notice that Mr. Burgundy has continued his love affair with the tree.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ornament art 2012 continued

More of these... I'm not very wordy lately. I'm going to blame that on the fact that I now say more words in the morning while getting the boys ready for school prior to work than I used to say in an entire day. So I'm running low on words. At least I still have the photos, right?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Feature Art Friday: Pacman

Some paintings happen so quickly that there aren't a lot of photos taken. You couldn't pry the paintbrush from my hand to give me the camera... Pacman was one of those paintings. Next Friday I'll be featuring Franky, who is Pacman's partner in crime.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting back on track

Part of getting back on track for me is having a plan. Some sort of schedule... even if it is subject to change. And I don't want my "plan" in my iphone, because I have really bad technology karma. I want it on paper, where I can see it. Besides, the act of writing something down helps me remember important things- much more so than typing it.

After spending a couple of weeks walking around with things clipped to my bag & post-it notes trailing behind me, I finally bought a new planner. A bigger planner that has room to write down mama-ish things. It even has a wee bitty sketchbook in it. Not mama-ish, but artsy, which is the next best thing.

So now there is a place to write down plans. Once I figure out what they are.

Speaking of plans & getting back on track, there are 12 posts in mind for this month, 6 of which involve new art. 12 posts... at least that's the plan. I know this, because I wrote it down. In my new planner.