Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Learning Curve

Dear Learning Curve,

I'll get straight to the point. Can you please be kind to me this time? You can be so cruel & steep when you choose- remember algebra? And learning to drive? So can I please just have an easy go of it this time? You we nicer than I expected when I decided to start painting dogs & cats- you only made me stretch enough to really appreciate making it over the hump & I greatly appreciated it.

The first round of stamp carving.
 The thing is, I haven't been this excited about the possibility of something professionally or creatively in a long time, if ever. If you choose to be difficult, I'm not going to give up. I may use a great deal of inappropriate language & might even cry, depending on what day of the month you choose to show out, but I'm not giving up.

When doing the preliminary sketches I have to remind myself to keep it simple enough I can carve it once it is transferred on the rubber. 
I was willing to give you algebra, because honestly- numbers & letters shouldn't mix. It's not natural. And I also agree that I have no business driving a stick shift. Seriously, unless you are driving a race car why would you want to do all that extra work anyway, when the car can do it all for you? It's like saying, "No- I don't want to use the TV remote, I'd prefer to hoist myself out of this chair & walk over there. Extra steps are awesome- I never use a calculator either."

Test prints of black ink on white paper give me the chance to see where I need to cut to edit the stamps. 
So for real, can I just coast on this one? Right over the tiny hump? Just to let you know in case I get stuck part of the way up, I'm not rolling back down. I drive an automatic.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Making a Logo

I chose a typewriter for the Jane's Girl Creations logo because I remember playing on my mom's electric typewriter as a kid.
Although I could picture the finished logo perfectly in my mind, getting the one in the real world to cooperate was a trial by fire
This was my first time using fusible interfacing but it was actually pretty easy to adhere to the fabric. It is not, however, easy to embroider once adhered to the fabric.
I'm deep in the learning curve on all sorts of new artistic ideas & looking forward to sharing some new creations in the shop soon.