Wednesday, October 10, 2012

thoughts on the 37 things list

37 things to do before I’m 38
1.    Play game with kids
2.    Give a homemade gift
3.    Go on photo walk
4.    Send a surprise by mail
5.    Do something creative everyday
6.    Ride a roller coaster
7.    Participate in a blog challenge
8.    Make homemade cookies
9.    Take sketching e-course
10.  Watch less TV
11.  Join Pinterest
12.  Leave happy notes for strangers
13.  Play in the dirt
14.  Pay off my credit cards
15.  Make smores
16.  List 100 items on Etsy
17.  Have art night with friends
18.  Update website
19.  Visit new junk store
20.  Paint a piece of furniture
21.  Make paper snowflakes
22.  Squish my toes in the sand
23.  Make new art each month
24.  Sew a pillow
25.  Try something new (again)
26.  Befriend twitter
27.  Do something unpredictable
28.  Make art for the bedroom
29.  Wrap gift in homemade gift wrap
30.  Make guacamole
31.  Throw a party
32.  Commit a random act of kindness
33.  Submit work to art magazine
34.  Decorate a birdhouse
35.  Paint stairs
36.  Order Moo cards
37.  Take photography class

So here’s where I stand on the list as my 37th year comes to a close; 22 items marked off my list. Some of them, although completed, will be carried over next year- such as ‘perform a random act of kindness’ & ‘try something new’. As a creature of habit, this list even inspired me to ‘do something unexpected’, like putting on superhero underpants over my nice Christmas outfit & prancing around a house. It wasn’t even my house. Let’s not discuss the fact that I was only able to finally do something unexpected when it was written on a list first. Yes, I get the irony.

Some of the things that fell by the wayside this year will make next year’s list as well… how I went an entire year without making smores is really beyond me. I’m also determined to get 100 things listed on Etsy. Third try is a charm, right? And paying off my credit cards… I have 2 cards & one is almost paid off. I don’t use them & really haven’t in a loooong time, but because I spent a couple of years running them up, it’s probably going to take a couple of years to pay them off. That’s ok, at least the balance is headed in the right direction. Leaving happy notes for strangers will also be fun.

All in all, it’s nice to look back at the list & enjoy the feeling of accomplishment & how happy some of these things made me or other people. I’m looking forward to making my ’38 things’ list for the next year. Please check back next Wednesday to see what I come up with.

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