Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting back on track

Part of getting back on track for me is having a plan. Some sort of schedule... even if it is subject to change. And I don't want my "plan" in my iphone, because I have really bad technology karma. I want it on paper, where I can see it. Besides, the act of writing something down helps me remember important things- much more so than typing it.

After spending a couple of weeks walking around with things clipped to my bag & post-it notes trailing behind me, I finally bought a new planner. A bigger planner that has room to write down mama-ish things. It even has a wee bitty sketchbook in it. Not mama-ish, but artsy, which is the next best thing.

So now there is a place to write down plans. Once I figure out what they are.

Speaking of plans & getting back on track, there are 12 posts in mind for this month, 6 of which involve new art. 12 posts... at least that's the plan. I know this, because I wrote it down. In my new planner.

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