Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Best of April 2013

Warm weather: I love warm weather. That is all.

Seeing my best friend: It doesn't matter how long it is between trips or how long it has been since we have spoken, we pick up right where we left off. As soon as we finish showing out in the airport & embarrassing her daughter with our middle-aged squealing.

Being inspired in a new town: On my recent work-trip-turned-visit-with-my-best-friend, she took me to a cool community in Richmond, Virginia where she lives. It's called Carytown & it's an artsy little area full of vintage shops, galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques & quirky little houses. I love quirky.

Coming home to my family: The trip in April was the first time I have had to leave our boys overnight. Even now thinking of the way they hopped around & got so excited when we first saw each other makes me smile. I was so happy to see my family when I got home.

Etsy festival: Central Arkansas hosted an Etsy festival for the Etsy Little Rock team, I hope to be a vendor next year instead of just an attendee.It started raining shortly after we arrived & I was bummed for all of the artists but I did enjoy watching the boys running, screaming & laughing in the rain. The younger two were "washing" their hair while they ran. Which made for a fantastic look once the rain stopped & their hair dried. They both looked like they had stuck their fingers in light sockets, which mortified their older brother. Which made them even happier.

Unexpected visit from a cousin: I had a surprise visit from a cousin who was passing through Arkansas for work. The last time I saw him he had barely started college & now he is out of school, married & has two kids. I'm so proud of him- it just doesn't seem possible how much time has passed. All the more reason to keep up with my favorite bits here so I can remember. 

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