Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An apology to a fortune cookie

This art will be featured this week in the 'Feature Art Friday' post

Dear Fortune Cookie,

Sorry I didn't "get it" the first time- when you gave me this little bit of advice. Maybe I thought you were being sarcastic... I appreciate sarcasm- some might say I make a sport of it. I would like to point out in my own defense that it is taped to my easel. Twice. I know... you probably don't enjoy having to repeat yourself- but I'm really starting to get it, I promise. And I have a huge amount of gratitude for it- this "enoughness". (Yes, I know I made it up, but I'm writing an apology letter to an inanimate object- making up new words is the least of my problems right now.)

Things are changing over here, in very big ways. I am trying to keep space in my head & in my heart for more than just the gratitude, but also for those words. As I get busier & dreams start coming true I wonder if I can do it & who am I to think I should have all of this love & creativity & support & opportunities... then I remember the words that are repeated across my easel.

When I worry that there won't be enough time or enough money or enough confidence to try to bring my dream life into reality, I must remember...

No need to worry... I will always have everything I need.

And for that I am really truly grateful.


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