Friday, February 24, 2012

Feature Art Friday: Flora Bowley love

Here are some little bits of a couple of abstract paintings I am working on. Yes, I said abstract.

It's not usually my thing- I tend to paint dogs & cats that need to have every hair in place... but when one of my favorite artists teaches an e-course, I'm taking it & I'm doing whatever she tells me to. Like paint with a blindfold.

Who knows what they will actually be when they grow up- I don't even know, but I know this: they were so much fun to paint. SO much fun.

I even like the mess they cause.

As far as messes go, that's quite beautiful. Maybe I'll frame those paper towels & take them to my "grown up job" where people can surmise that I have finally gone off the deep end. "It's so sad really, she used to be normal- then she started painting & before we knew it she was framing paper towels & calling it art..."

Guess who else liked the abstract art? Ron Burgundy.

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