Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Second chances

I was driving down Kavanaugh Blvd. in Little Rock in search of frozen yogurt & just LOOK what I happened upon.
Remember this post?
Well the knitting goddesses of public art have smiled upon me... it happened again & this time it is quite literally hugging a tree.
Just when I thought there couldn't be anyway I could love it more...
It is colorful, fun & quirky- some of the best things, if you ask me. (or my friend Pat, who was sympathetic to my missed opportunity to photograph the last bit of knitted whimsy)
It made me smile to stop the car, get out & walk around each tree until I was dizzy.
This time I get to share it with you- don't you love it? I knew you would.
Aren't second chances wonderful? Almost as great as a tree wrapped in knitted art.


  1. OH! I super love these! With lots of exclamation marks! We have a yarn bomber in our community (or maybe more than one) but they don't put up works as textured as these. Yep, super love!

    1. Thanks Rachel, and lots of exclamation marks right back at you!! ;)