Tuesday, February 19, 2013

38 things list update

4 months into being 38, I've marked 11 things off my list. Keep in mind that I made this list before I knew the boys were coming to live with us so I might have been a bit ambitious. These days you could call me a lot of things, but ambitious is not one of them. I take that back... I am very ambitious about getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

In an effort to keep from feeling like an utter failure at this list business, I'm being a little generous with a few parameters... for instance, "cook a big holiday meal" actually involved ordering a smoked turkey, making a few side dishes & delegating the rest. It was technically cooked, just not all by me. We did eat at my house, does that count?

1.Do something unexpected
2.Leave a kind note for a stranger
3.Make homemade bookmarks
4.Paint a piece of furniture
5.Join Arkansas League of Artists
6.Try a new recipe
7.Give away a book
8.Swim in the ocean
9.Plant something in the yard
10.Fly a kite
11.Update website
12.Throw a party
13.List 100 items on Etsy
14.Go to the farmers market
15.Pay off credit cards
16.Have a picnic
17.Finish the stairs
18.Try something new
19.Make smores
20.Submit work to art magazine
21.Spend more time with my family
22.Play in the dirt
23.Take a photography class or e-course
24.Go to a parade
25.Make cookies with kids
26.Buy art
27.Hang twinkle lights
28.Take a family photo
29.Learn to speak Op
30.Ding-dong-ditch people with holiday cookies
31.Donate stuff to goodwill
32.Submit art to Starving Artist Cafe
33.Make a book of my recipes
34.Take a long work break
35.Make homemade Christmas ornaments
36.Cook a big holiday meal
37.Go somewhere new
38.Perform a random act of kindness

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