Monday, February 4, 2013

A word.

It's posted on my monitor so I don't forget.
'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.'
                                                                                                      -Albert Einstein

Who can argue with Einstein? Not me- with 3 new children, I have no energy to argue with anyone.

Rather than choosing a resolution for 2012, I decided to choose a word. A word takes up less room in my head than an entire resolution would, so maybe that extra bit of space will provide the energy to argue, should it become necessary when it becomes necessary.

Simplicity. That is the word that has taken up residency in my head for the last month & I must admit, it has already brought some peace. As stress appears or commitments begin to multiply, I ask myself how I can simplify whatever it is & still accomplish what is necessary. I know... it sounds, well... simple.

For some people it is. For the rest of us, who are somehow genetically predisposed to make things more difficult, more involved & be very suspicious of anything requiring less than 18 steps, simplifying things feels odd at first. But after a few weeks of practice, I am getting the hang of it.

Coming up on the blog this month... a few featured pet portraits, some new art inspired by Flora Bowley's 'Bloom True' ecourse, an update on the '38 things to do before I turn 39' list & something new... 'confessions of a new parent'... in which I make shameful fun of myself as I learn to swim in the deep end of the parenting pool.

It's good to be back. Thanks for sticking around.

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