Sunday, June 30, 2013

Best of June 2013

1. Knowing the adoption is finalized- I had no idea how much stress I have been under over the 6 months while we waited on the adoption being finalized. Never mind the 18 months prior to that of jumping through all of the proverbial hoops for DHS. "You went through that hoop so well, let's set the next one on fire & move it while you jump!" At some point I will write about the actual adoption day but I'm just not there yet. Can't do it. Anyway, I woke up the day after it was all over & felt like a completely different person. Just knowing that everyone else knew what we had felt for so long- these are really our kids... or as I leaned over & whispered to the nine-year-old during court, "Pssst... now you are stuck with us!" He tried to look irritated. He tried really hard not to smile. I smiled so much that day my face hurt. And I woke up the next day feeling no stress whatsoever.

2. My Mom & her sister, my Aunt Melba, turned 70. They live together & bicker a lot, but are insanely loyal to each other. So they can call each other whatever they want, but if anyone else says anything, watch it. You don't want to suffer the wrath of an angry twin. They are 70 & healthy & I love them both very much.They spent a good bit of the day saying to one another, "God, you look old." Did I mention that they are identical twins? 

3. One of the boys appeared in the doorway as I was getting ready for work, holding a plastic robot ring that he got off the top of a cupcake. He thought I might want to borrow it to wear to work. So I did. All day. And you know what? It was awesome- I even got a couple of compliments.

4. Simplifying my life- Remember the awesome part-time job I mentioned here? Remember how I decided to shift my focus this year? I quit. The job, not the word. I am beginning to really enjoy this "simplifying" business. For real. More on the decision behind the job change later.

5. As I creep closer to 40, I realize how much I love the feeling of anticipation. Let's be real here- no one is creeping toward forty. Some days I feel like I have been shot out of a cannon in the general direction of that decade. Anyway, I am having serious vacation anticipation & I love it. that feeling of wondering just what it will be like & where all we will go & what sort of things we will see... it's like a kid on Christmas morning. If that kid was almost 40.

6. Turner & Cash- these sweet little boys who were born so early... I'm thankful that they got here safely & are surrounded by so many people who love them.

7. I realize just how insane it sounds to have a flat tire on my list of monthly awesomeness... I'll post about it later this week & it will make more sense. Maybe. Or maybe it really was a sun stroke & I had some sort of miracle recovery.

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