Friday, October 25, 2013

Feature Art Friday: Art in Progress

So this is what you get today for 'Feature Art Friday'. A mostly-finished blurry church window photo, snapped quickly last night in art class. It isn't the planned, well-documented, from beginning to end, step by step thing you usually get on Fridays. It was honestly almost an afterthought... but there is a great reason.

I feel so inspired & so motivated since this happened. Something about saying out loud that I really wanted to be brave made it happen. Imagine that. Certainly there will be nerves prior to participating in my first ever effort to sell original art, but I'm not going to be scared anymore. It's hard to learn to ask for help & show vulnerability when you are middle-aged. But it is happening.

While I have several canvases finished for the art sale, I have almost as many in varying states of completion, like this church window. Last Thursday, feeling brave, I arrived in class with a written list of questions... what sorts of displays do I need? Lighting? How do I price everything? What does the art hang on? One of my friends went so far as to walk me to a chalkboard & draw me a picture. He's a patient man. Last night, I announced that I had an eyelash-less giraffe & a floating chicken that needed some help. And they got it. The chicken is now standing firmly on the ground & the giraffe has not only eyelashes, but perhaps a bit of eyeliner as well.

So maybe things are a little messy here on the blog & not quite so well-planned. And that is okay, because I'm too busy running the legs off of my 39th year with all of this inspiration.


  1. Be sure and announce when and where your art show will be. I want to come!

    1. Thanks Joanne! I am participating in the student art sale for the Arkansas Arts Center. The public sale is on November 23rd from 9am to 3pm at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock.