Friday, October 11, 2013

Feature Art Friday: The Lobster

I'm getting things ready for the first art sale I have been involved with, so there has been more painting & less blogging over here lately. The lack of posting isn't tied directly to the increase in painting, it's more closely related to the paralyzing fear I am periodically feeling with regard to standing in a room full of strangers, not really knowing how the art will be received. It's difficult to type with clenched hands. I'm also (believe it or not) an introvert, which makes the art sale even more daunting. 

I spoke to 3 of my art friends about it last night. Two of them are introverts & it made me feel a little better to hear a story about an incredibly talented artist who literally hid behind his art at his first sale. Another amazingly talented artist is an introvert who paints in such a large format that I almost wonder if part of the purpose in the large scale is to keep people back. Now that I think about it, it seems less likely that you would have to carry on a one-on-one conversation with someone when they are standing 20 feet away to take in the beauty of your work. She's one smart "art lady" as my boys call her. The third friend involved in the conversation is such an extrovert that he seems baffled by the idea of strangers in general. He doesn't ever seem to meet a stranger & is one of the most friendly & open people I have ever met. I'm somewhat envious of his people skills & open heart. There is so much learn to from them all & I'm grateful to have them in my life... & I'll be even more grateful when they are taking turns talking me out from under the table at the sale next month.

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