Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The art-drunk want ad & the '36 things' list

My art drunk post from last week may as well have said this:

WANT AD: Introverted, currently super-serious professional longing to reclaim formerly creative life seeks intelligent, engaging creative types to share art addiction. All enablers welcome.

I was invited yet again by the smart, talented artsy ladies I mentioned in my art-drunk post to go along with them to see some art- this time at ‘3rd Friday Art Night’ in North Little Rock, only a week after several futile attempts to restrain myself from hugging art at a gallery opening last week. Maybe they invited me again in the hopes that I would actually succumb to my urge. Then they would get to see me hauled out of a gallery staring wistfully over my shoulder at my favorite canvases as I’m shoved out the door. It turns out that some folks find my desire to hold onto large canvases & sob uncontrollably endearing. Who knew?
We met at Ketz Gallery & also went to Greg Thompson Fine Art, before having dinner at the Starving Artist Café, where we talked about all of the things we had seen & projects we are working on now. At one point in the second gallery, I just sat on a bench for a moment to take it all in, not realizing that I was leaning slightly to the left for no apparent reason.
I was also happy to accomplish another thing on my '36 things to do before I'm 37' list. :)
One of my friends walked by, nodding knowingly, “Art-drunk, yet?”

(Honestly, I’m not sure what makes me happier; being around all of these tangible objects spawned entirely by the imagination of creative people, or simply being around people who recognize a good “art-drunk” when they see one.)

“Art-drunk? Why yes. Yes I am.”

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