Friday, February 11, 2011

Feature Art Friday: Freddie & Rudy

Rudy came along first, loyal & smart; he loved to ride in the car. Although he was very serious & a bit of a worrier, he really enjoyed “hugging” the people he owned by leaning into their legs.

Freddie (Frederica) came along five years later. She is smart, playful & carefree. She loves to snuggle & makes friends with everyone she meets.

Rudy & Freddie never met- Freddie came along to help heal the hearts in this family after Rudy died unexpectedly at age five.

What am I saying? I don’t know that they never met- I just know that they both weren’t "here" at the same time living in the same house.

Who knows? Maybe they spent time together wherever it is that dogs are before they appear to us with milk breath & puppy teeth, causing our hearts to melt.

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