Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Gemma

Dear Gemma,

Hi, we met Sunday. You may not remember me, which is totally reasonable considering the fact that you were less than a day old.

I’m not really sure how each child ends up born into or adopted by a specific family… I don’t know if your little soul just spontaneously appeared in a line waiting on your number to get called, or if your parents have an agent or representative where little soon-to-be-babies souls wait & there is some sort of NFL draft… your name got called, someone stuck a hat on your wee little head that said "Jeff & Lori" & everyone cheered & patted you on the back.

Or maybe you get to sit around watching all of the people going about their daily lives & you get some say so. Judging by some of the things I have seen in my life- I am sure that on certain occasions the baby has no choice in the matter, but I can’t help thinking you might have had an opportunity to at least voice an opinion on your eventual destination.

Your mom & dad are two of my favorite people. They are kind, funny & smart. I always look forward to seeing them & enjoy every moment I spend with them. They are compassionate. They are fun. They are adventurous. (Your mother was in the Peace Corps… you might want to file that bit of information away somewhere in case you ever want to try something adventurous & she makes a "mom face" at you.) Your mother has the best laugh & your father is the best cook.

I could write much more about how wonderful your parents are, but at this point you are not quite three days old & probably don’t have much of an attention span. That’s okay, I’m positive you will figure it out soon enough on your own.

So little Gemma, on the off chance that babies do get to pick their parents, congratulations sweetheart- you made an amazing choice!



  1. You're the sweetest. She's gonna love her Aunt Sherry!