Monday, March 14, 2011

Laughing at you

Endia (I love her 'Price is Right' pose) & Jennifer
Friday I was invited to attend an art show starring my new artsy friends: Endia is an incredibly talented artist who teaches painting classes at the Arkansas Arts Center & her work was featured in the show. Jennifer, an attorney who moonlights as an artist & photographer was featured as the subject in one of Endia’s paintings. My iphone photos of the art behind a glass window really do it no justice. We all acted like children & took turns having our photograph made with Jennifer’s giant head.

My turn with the Jennifers
Here’s the best part…. This art show happened to be held on the ground floor of the building where Jennifer’s husband works. Only one painting was visible from the elevator in the lobby... & guess what it was. Imagine arriving at work one morning & while waiting for the elevator, you feel as if someone is staring at you. As the elevator approaches, you glance around & find yourself staring at your spouse’s giant head.

And she is laughing at you.

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