Friday, July 1, 2011

Feature Art Friday: Sam

I received an email from a woman named Kristi, who wanted to commission a pet portrait of her dog Sam for her husband for Father's Day. Sam died recently & Kristi said that Patrick still misses him every day. I don't really know the Patton family, but I have very quickly become a fan. I'm actually considering starting a fan club for them.

Over the last 3 years, they have fostered over 100 dogs from kill shelters... giving them a second chance at life until their forever home can be found.

Over 100 dogs saved. Over 100 people finding the pet that becomes a member of their family- an addition to many happy memories as their children grow up loving & being loved back by this dog... an addition to the home of a retired person who adores the dog as much as the dog adores them... a dog who might not have made it, if not for the Patton family.

Over 100 lives saved... hundreds of lives changed... by one family willing to give these dogs a second chance. See? I TOLD you the Patton family needs a fan club.

You can see more of my pet portraits here.

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  1. Honey Brown and Sam, we miss you.....RIP....