Monday, March 26, 2012

a change of plans

There was supposed to be a method to my madness this weekend- a list of items I wanted needed to accomplish. On Sunday I was supposed to go up in the floorless attic with a flashlight, where I would balance in the rafters while on a search for a filter that needed to be changed. I know- it's a really sophisticated life I lead. I was also supposed to do a 'week in review' sketch for the blog. These things were part of the plan. But I kept daydreaming about the 2 half-finished paintings I've been working on. You see where this is headed, don't you?
I still had good intentions when I got up on Sunday. Then I let Maisy out & felt the sun on my face. And I looked around the deck at all of the green leaves that had appeared since the rain last week. I could literally hear baby birds chirping. I'm not making that up. Baby birds, for heaven sakes. All I wanted to do was schlep all my art supplies out onto the deck, listen to Maroon 5 & paint. So I did.
No the paintings aren't finished yet, but they are much closer to completion that that trip to the attic or to-do list for the blog. What can I say? Life is short. Sometimes you just need to paint.

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