Monday, March 12, 2012

A trek in the rain & some friendly advice

It's really the only possible explanation. What else could have caused my umbrella to suddenly break while I was slogging along across a college campus carrying 120 handouts? Oh wait... maybe it was the fact that is was raining so hard & it was so windy that it was raining sideways.

A couple of points to consider with regard to "sideways rain":

there really isn't anything this side of blindingly excessive optimism that would inspire someone to bother opening an umbrella... 

120 handouts behave as a giant sponge in this type of rain... 

this number of soaked handouts seem to weigh approximately a ton... 

some mascara companies put "waterproof" on their makeup packaging as some sort of cruel joke... 

and most importantly, you should ALWAYS take a look in a mirror just before addressing this number of strangers after a jaunt through sideways rain.  

Just in case you ever find yourself in this situation.

Happy Monday... the sun is shining here today!

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