Monday, May 7, 2012

Flea Market Love: Nesting Tables Week 1

Have I ever told you about the dark corner in my garage? On the other side of where the cars are parked? It's full of treasures. Like these nesting tables from a flea market... I try to be good & not buy a bunch of stuff unless there is room for it in my house, but sometimes it just seems like things are too good to pass up. So I buy them & they sit in the corner of my garage. I try not to look at them because I feel bad that they never get the attention they deserve... sanding, painting & a life in a cute home, where they may preen as visitors walk in the room & shower them with attention.

It's been a dream for a while to set up my own booth of re-purposed flea market finds, but in an effort to be realistic... I have a full-time & part-time job plus the pet portraits & Etsy shop. It doesn't seem like there is time to add another layer of creativity to my life even though I would love it. Having your own booth means that you need to be prepared to keep adding new items pretty quickly if things are selling. Paying booth rent for a mostly-empty booth makes no sense... which is why I was SO excited last week when I was contacted on Etsy by a designer who is opening a brick & mortar shop about an hour from here. She asked about putting some of my art in her store. During our conversation I mentioned my love of re-purposing flea market finds & asked her if she would be interested in any of those items... she said YES! 

I pulled these tables out to work on first- I'm planning to sand & paint them & then do something special on the tops... some sort of pattern maybe. Check back the next few Mondays for updates on this project each week... & buckle up, buttercup... there is about to be some serious flea market love around here!

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