Tuesday, August 27, 2013

38 things list: update

It became clear that my '38 Things' list appeared to be one of many things that fell by the proverbial wayside after receiving an email from one of my good friends. The email when something like this:

"So I was just reading your blog & saw your 38 things list in the sidebar and none of it is colored in... can I help? It looks so sad... all black & white...I go to the farmer's market every weekend. Do you need to come along? Want me to take you somewhere I know you would want to buy art? I bet you could even but something at the farmer's market to plant in your yard & get two of them out of the way at once..."

I have the best friends. We have been good friends for a few years now & she knew that this list was always important to me... so she was prepared to drag me along on her weekend to get some of these things taken care of because she knew that this was something important to me.

Such is my life, as I continue to get used to this new normal of being a parent. Things get forgotten. Or are just not taken care of as quickly they were before. But thanks to my friends I feel more cared for than ever. 

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