Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'Dear 39' revisited

 Dear 39,

Hello again. I just wanted to check in, now that we have known each other for about 6 weeks. I promised to have fun with you & do my best to show you a good time, which involves stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Last weekend was our first such effort together, as I participated in my first art sale. To be completely honest, we almost missed out on this one. At the last minute. There was a moment on Friday, while sitting in that giant quiet room, over in the corner, looking at the empty grids & the boxes of art & prints that I felt really incredibly uncomfortable. Really, in all honesty I felt lost. Out of place.

I thought about going to sit in my car for a few minutes but I knew if I did that I would leave & not come back. The uneasiness of not knowing what would happen or what to expect made me really uncomfortable. But I stayed, in order to keep my promise to you. Show you a better time than my father was able to show you.

About an hour or so after the sale started,

after a drink from the bar,

after a couple of visits from fellow artists,

after a supportive text or two,

& the cavalry arriving, in the form of my friend who is truly a renaissance woman, 

I realized something that I had not really anticipated. I was having fun.

That evening & the next day were filled with kindness from strangers who bought most of the prints & smaller original art in my booth. There were visits from friends, co-workers & my insanely supportive family. Genuine encouragement from artist I respect & consider friends. It was so much fun. 

As I left on Saturday, exhausted, I smiled as I realized that mixed in with the relief, surprise at how well it went & sense of accomplishment, was a little sadness that it was over. A sure sign that I made the right decision by staying put on Friday morning when I really just wanted to go home.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, 39. Not that you have much choice... because where I go, you go. At least for the next 10 and a half months.

So I guess the only question now is this- 

Where do we go next?


  1. Go to the Arkansas Craft Guild Christmas Showcase!!

    1. Hi Denise, I have it on my calendar & plan to check it out- thanks for the suggestion!