Friday, November 8, 2013

Feature Art Friday: Mandalas

More half-finished work for the art sale. These are all actually finished at this point, hanging on the walls in my garage. Never has the garage looked so good... at least the walls of it. It's a bit odd, all of the art that I have worked so hard to make hanging on the walls with all of the piles of boxes for a garage sale stacked precariously beneath it, near the shelves full of tools & the tangle of bicycles & scooters. Over the next 2 weeks, I'll share photos of some of the finished art. Minus the garage paraphernalia.

Our living room is full of half-cut mat board & stacks of prints to be signed. Wee little bookmarks I've made to give out with my contact information on them.

Two weeks until our home becomes a home again & no longer an art sweatshop/staging area.

Two weeks until the art sale. 

Butterflies in my tummy.

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