Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A mostly-done 'To Do'

Friday I posted a ‘To Do’ list for the long weekend & said you could throw rotten tomatoes at me if I had not finished it by today… so tell the truth, how many of you are sitting there with a tomato, tossing it back and forth from one hand to the other?

I finished the four pet portraits. One was picked up moments ago, one will be hand-delivered on Thursday and the two Meow Bark Minis are going to Tulsa, Oklahoma in the mail.

Do you still have that tomato ready?

I made a baby gift last fall for a little fellow named Henry & really enjoyed the project. Here are a few of the designs I’m planning to offer in my online Etsy shop. I’ll be happy to customize colors and patterns. Henry’s were shades of blue with lions, elephants & monkeys on the letters to match his bedding. The letters turned out really cute- just not as cute as Henry.

So the list has been completed, except I haven’t listed the items yet on Etsy, so I probably deserve to have one, maybe two tomatoes launched my way…

but don’t blame me when you are cleaning rotten tomato off of your own computer!

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