Friday, September 10, 2010

A yorkie & a carnival

Are you disappointed that the yorkie isn’t AT the carnival? Sorry if I misled you. This pet portrait is a cute little lady named Katie, and I still maintain that her hair is probably brushed more often than mine. I met the person she owns at a bakery to drop off the art & she liked it enough she sent an email later telling me how much she enjoyed the painting. I LOVE it when that happens!

View from the top of the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier... or the carnival in my head. You decide.
On another subject, I have had a carnival in my head the last few days… we are leaving Saturday morning for California & we found out on Tuesday that the new flooring would be installed on Thursday. 48 hours before the trip. Everything would have to be moved off the floor upstairs. I momentarily forgot what the inside of my studio & my closet looked like and was under the misguided notion that this wouldn’t be a problem.

I learned a few things about myself & the pets this week:

1. My ability to cram large quantities of things in small spaces may not be the positive attribute I originally thought. Maybe it should even be considered a character flaw.

2. I have too many shoes & too many books.

3. It scares sleeping cats downstairs when you get tired & start flinging items over the rail.

4. Ralphie, the 25 pound cat can somehow make like Houdini & climb his chubby butt into the lining underneath the couch. I was so amazed by this feat that I kept peering under the couch, where the liner was straining to manage his girth. Even now I shake my head in astonishment as I type. Astounding.

You thought I was joking about his size, didn't you?
5. Ron Burgundy, the 10 pound cat is capable of moving a pet carrier across the floor from the inside, by throwing his weight against the door in an effort to escape.

Clearly exhausted after his failed escape attempt from the pet carrier...
6. Maisy, my dog does not care what happens as long as she has a chew bone & about 5 feet of personal space in any direction. Notice I didn't include a photo of Maisy with her bone. I don't like to be photographed when I'm eating either.

It has been an eventful week. I’m glad it’s almost over. California, here I come!


  1. Sherry,
    Everyone LOVES the Katie painting! Katie herself even gave it a sniff of approval.
    And regarding #2, how can a person have too many shoes???!!! Ha.


  2. I'm so happy everyone loves the pet portrait, especially Katie! Her opinion is obviously of paramount importance. Astute observation on the shoes... If you ever want to put yourself on some sort of shoe-buying hiatus, load them all in boxes & carry them around your house a few times. :)