Monday, September 20, 2010

This weekend in the studio: “hello 1978, how’ve you been?”

Remind you of anything? I’ll give you a hint; if you were born after 1980 you probably won’t remember the inspiration for it. I was born in 1974 & it is a faded childhood memory for me.

It isn’t finished, not that I have any idea exactly what ‘finished’ looks like. This is a pervasive problem in my life, but for now we are discussing art. Never one to recognize the blinking on my inner ‘edit’ button (another problem that reaches into every corner of my world) I occasionally run right past the finish line on a project & keep right on going; covered in paint & gasping for breath, miles after crossing the ‘tastefully done’ mark. Maybe the sign for the finish line should be big, with an arrow and blinking lights…

Surely I would know I was finished with a project if I had one of these... saying "Stop Here" instead of Holiday Inn. On the marquee, it could say "Put Down the Paintbrush!!" just for good measure. No offense to Dr. Virginia Apgar. I hope she enjoyed her stay.

The Holiday Inn sign reminds me of being four & being convinced that I must know how to read after recognizing it, which I'm sure only occured after berating a family member to tell me what it said the first five times I saw it. At some point it clicked & I would stand up in the back seat & shriek HOLIDAY INN! whenever so much as a billboard came into view, never mind an entire lit up blinking sign. The star was my favorite part, besides the fact that I knew what the sign said. Imagine how devastating it was for me, after successfully “reading” the Holiday Inn sign & then rushing to pull out a newspaper or TV guide only to realize it was all back to gibberish. I wanted to read so badly that my big sister knew all she had to do to turn me into a puddle of tears was to read something to herself & refuse to tell me what it said.

It would probably be finished, if I could figure out what it should say. I’m open to suggestion. I’ll post more photos when it’s done. Before anyone asks, of course it will have a star. Maybe more than one... remember, I don't know when to quit!

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