Friday, September 3, 2010

Finish the artwork and nobody gets hurt

This is my ‘to do’ list for the studio this 3-day weekend… please feel free to check back on Tuesday to see if it’s completed. If not, you are welcome to taunt, heckle & throw rotten tomatoes at your discretion:

Finish pet portraits:


Calvin & Sparky



‘Nursery Names’: (it will make sense to you when you see them…)

Finish painting first 4 patterns


Write description

List on Etsy

Other original art: (which can be seen in progress during art week)

Sea turtles- add hangers, seal, write description, list on Etsy

Swirly cat- photograph, seal, write description, list on Etsy

I have several new creative ideas in my head but I’m not allowing myself to buy any of the supplies until I finish everything on this list. That’s right… I’m engaging in some sort of hostage situation with my own creativity.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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