Friday, November 12, 2010

I love a gaggle

My office is close to downtown Little Rock but situated near bike trails, soccer fields & a park next to the Arkansas River. In the spring & autumn the Canadian geese take a break here on the way to or from their seasonal adventures.

I have found myself stopped in the middle of the road waiting on them to waddle across on than one occasion.

For the record, they don't really get in a rush.

A coworker told me today that she was recently sitting at her desk & looked out the window to witness several of them waddling through the parking lot. I can only assume they were considering leasing the office space that recently came up for rent next door. What kind of business might a gaggle of geese manage?

This morning I stopped to photograph them in the field by my office- I want to paint them, but with my own artistic twist... maybe a hat or a scarf... or a tutu. You just never really know.

As I readied my camera, I heard two car doors close behind me as a gentleman & his son approached the field with a bag of corn. The son who was maybe 13 or 14 went right to work feeding the geese as his father encouraged him patiently & paused to explain to me that his son attends The Academy (which I know to be a private school for children with special needs) & they had made a morning ritual of driving around the neighborhood to find the geese & feed them on the way to school.

The geese have always made me smile & I look forward to their arrival to herald in the change of seasons, but now I have this great story to be reminded of each time I see them. I can't help but think that this young man will always remember it. I know I will.

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