Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The thunder chicken & the rug

We recently purchased new area rugs for the house & I wanted to send a photo to my mom. Unfortunately for me, the rugs were purchased during a storm & Maisy is a “thunder chicken”… my official term for those who are fearful of storms. It makes me sad that she was homeless because her remedy for making it through any weather event is to attach herself to me or any other nearby human. I thought I might be able to take a quick photo (of just the rug) to send to mom before the storm got to the dog.

As happens on so many occasions in my life… I thought wrong.

Maisy enters, stage left:

“Hi, sorry to ‘photo-bomb’ but have you noticed that it’s storming? Don’t I look cute? I’d look even cuter if you would sit on the couch so I could climb up on the back of it & try to sit on your head. I think that would make us both feel better.”
“Putting a few treats in my bowl to get me off the rug & out of the photo will only distract me momentarily. I’m keeping my tail in the photo in protest.
While I eat the treats.
Yes, I’m multi-tasking.”
“Whew, barely made this one. Sorry I startled you. I’m not trying to belabor my point here… but did you know IT’S STORMING?”


  1. That last photo is my favorite!!!! Such a pretty girl!!!

  2. She is a pretty girl, but she really startled me- it was like she appeared out of nowhere that time. I clearly underestimated the speed at which she eats treats! :)

  3. Maisy just makes the rug look prettier!

  4. Alana, Maisy agrees with you & has been walking around in a huff ever since she realized that I have spoken publicly about her phobia.