Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why this dog makes my mouth water

With each pet portrait commission I receive, there are certain details that always need to be finalized. What photo we are using, the canvas size, background, etc. I always like to hear a bit about the pet, especially the rescues. Simon is a rescue dog & as you may notice, has been blessed with the ability to pout. That's right... Simon can stick out his bottom lip.

I was on the phone several weeks ago with David, who was ordering a painting of Simon for his wife. At some point in the conversation he gave me his email address & I realized who I was speaking with- David Stobaugh… Stoby’s Restaurant… the best cheese dip in the world.

My mouth started watering.

I was suddenly time-warped into 1993 & my first taste of that cheese dip as a college freshman. As evidence that this blog post is not a paid advertisement for Stoby’s restaurant I will point out that I blame Stoby’s cheese dip for the dreaded “freshman 15”, those pounds packed on by so many college students. I suppose it might not happen if you restrain yourself from eating the aforementioned cheese dip by the gallon with your closest friends. I’ll never know, will I?

Every single time I sat down to work on that painting, my mouth started watering… not just for the cheese dip, but also the strawberry cake.  David’s wife Patti, owner of PattiCakes Bakery (and recipient of the artwork that has now become an afterthought in my love letter to cheese dip) makes the BEST strawberry cake. I finished that painting in record time- if I hadn’t, my recently purchased Banana Republic slacks that fit just right might have become a casualty of my love affair with the cheese dip… did I mention you can buy it at the grocery store in 6 states?

At some point I had the opportunity to speak to Patti about Simon & I asked how she got him to pout for the photo.
"He was waiting for a treat... he loves cheese."
Of course he does.
And he lives with the Stobaugh's.
Lucky dog.
I hope he hasn't purchased any new slacks lately.
You may see other pet portraits on the Meow Bark Art website.


  1. I LOVE the portrait of Simon. It is proudly hanging in the bakery! Thanks so much!!!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that Patti. I'll come by the bakery to see it the next time I'm in conway. You realize this is a ploy on my part to be near a bakery case full of goodies! :)