Friday, June 17, 2011

Feature Art Friday: Crushin' on a Cat

Ron Burgundy has admirers. Two seven-year-old girls, to be exact. They have pretty serious crushes on him, mainly because he is such a nice cat that he dutifully allows them to carry him around like a baby. Sometimes he likes it & other times he casts sidelong glances wistfully at the floor as he is lifted into the air & flipped on his back to be carted up & down the stairs. I'm not sure why he he goes along with it... he has claws, he doesn't have to. The girls were told on several occasions that he could be picked up but at the first sign he felt like a hostage he had to be put down. When asked what the signs were, I told them they would know if he showed one. I figured it in my best interest to leave Mr. Burgundy with the element of surprise. Ron even occasionally sought them out... the girls ran down the stairs one evening & he was right behind them in hot persuit. Maybe it's a two-way crush & his wistful glances were just his version of playing hard to get.

I knew it was getting serious when the most sensitive, animal-loving child I know announced, "I need crayons. I'm going to color a bird for Ron Burgundy to dip in hot sauce & eat." Being an animal lover myself, I was somewhat horrified, but having no plans to stifle a child's creativity, I not only gave her crayons & paper, but a roll of tape when she asked if she could tape the "bird dip" on Ron's playhouse. Poor bird. If you wonder what the orange bit is at the top, that's Rons paw holding the helpless creature by it's wee little head.

Shortly after this, the other child visited my office & asked if she could have paper & pencil. I'm happy to report that this didn't result in the imaginary homicide of a bluebird, but I do have what appears to be a decapitated cat's head hanging on the door in my workplace. I assumed it was Ron, until the child pointed out (rather reproachfully) that this cat has bows in it's ears.

It's a girl.


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