Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Losing time

I have been absent- from blogging anyway. I have been absent in that respect while being oh so present otherwise.

Last week, on a hot summer evening in the south I watched three very special children delightedly accept an invitation to play in the tiny baby pool in my neighbors yard. I sat on the steps watching as they all flitted back & forth like little birds flying from yard to yard, where the sprinkler lazily beat back the heat on first one side of the yard then the other.

As I watched them running & squealing as the sprinkler caught up to them, making them all throw their hands skyward & laugh, I hoped they would always remember what it felt like to "lose time" in my front yard that summer. Losing time is an important part of play & imagination; a sure indicator even in adults that you are doing something you enjoy. It is a sign that you are living so intensely in the moment & holding it so closely to you that one moment slips into the next until the sun is setting & the three little birds finally, magically, circle & light in the driveway to watch the sun slip away.

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