Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quote of the Month: "It's never too late..."

This quote & I have bumped into each other quite a bit recently, & by “quite a bit” I mean more often than you would expect from a quote written by a long-deceased novelist.

It’s a bit daunting if you really think about it… “It’s never too late…”



Never ever?

If that is true, then we can’t really be too comfortable sitting around watching the world whiz by. If, in the very least, the alarm had recently sounded on the “too late” bell, then you could wilt into your chair & say wistfully to yourself, “well, I would have accomplished all sorts of things, but now it’s too late.”

But if good old George really knew what he was talking about & wasn’t just shooting off at the mouth, then I would guess we all have two options.

“Sorry, you have to do all that work you thought you had put off long enough to avoid what you really want from this big scary life.”


“Congratulations! You still have time!!!”

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