Monday, June 6, 2011

Flea market love

This old iron door was only $22.50! We had to ride home an hour with one end of it sticking up front between the seats. Good thing I was shopping with a fellow vintage-shopping addict.
Something else I love almost as much as flea markets? Spray paint. It's magic.

I love flea markets. I adore them in the way one loves things when they can't stop thinking about them. When they wonder if the recipient of their adoration misses them when they are apart. Unlike (boring) retail stores, you just never know what you may stumble across (quite literally) at a vintage store. For the record, I have yet to fall down but there have been a couple of close calls. Flea markets are not known for their spacious aisles.

This basket was $6.50 & will be the perfect home for all of the fabric I keep buying for when I finally get around to learning to sew. What can I say? I'm easily distracted.

They make LIME green spray paint. I love it. LOVE it.
Old things in a flea market have a story, & each item had a whole separate life before you met. You hardly see the exact same thing in another store & if you see something you want, you better buy it before someone else comes along & snaps it up.

This candle holder was $10.00 & weighs a ton, but I really liked the shape of it.
Krylon makes this nickel finish spray paint that I have actually used on light fixtures, so I just used a little left over for this project.
Everything in a vintage store has potential to become something better- or almost everything... Saturday while flea-marketing with my good friend we came across an ancient bread toaster that looked like some sort of torture device. I like picking up some of the really old stuff & trying to imagine what it might have been used for, although judging by my initial reaction to what turned out to be a small kitchen appliance, I'm probably not doing to well. It's OK, maybe I could just use more practice guessing. It's only been 48 hours & I'm already looking forward to my next trip... what can I say? That's true love.

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