Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Playing dress up with Oliver

On Saturday, I went to see a cat friend of mine who was at the vet’s office while the people he owns were out of town. He usually stays home when they have to be away, but he was a little under the weather so he was at the hospital. His neighbors were a little noisy- there was a grey cat named Sam staying next door & he cursed at me profusely when I arrived. He was “doing time” for getting in a fight, which it appeared he had lost. I suppose he was still a little bitter about that. In the room immediately below Sam was a Pekinese named Alan Jackson, who seemed to be the welcoming committee. He had a broken leg but was really happy & friendly, making his tail thump loudly against the side of the kennel every time anyone spoke. Oliver thought it was thumping base from loud music & surmised that Sam might believe the same thing, leading him to hang on to his bad attitude.

To keep Oliver’s attention off his unfortunate situation, we discussed his options for Halloween costumes this year. It may seem a bit early for that, but that Oliver…you can call him a lot of things, but you can’t ever call him unprepared. Don’t let that slightly confused look on his face fool you- it’s all a rouse. Here are a few options, with the last being my favorite.


  1. Thanks! Oliver is very handsome & the best part is that he doesn't realize it. It's always nice when it doesn't go to their heads...