Monday, August 1, 2011

A totally done 'to do'

Remember my ‘to do’ list from the last few weeks? (Weekly updates here & here) It’s done. You heard me… put down the tomatoes & back away slowly so no one gets hurt.

The last coat of sealer was actually applied to the last commissioned art this morning before I left for work. That’s right, I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier so I could finish it & mark it off my list. That’s the power of a public ‘to do’ list. I really understand why experts say changes you want to make, things you want to accomplish, etc. are more likely to be accomplished if you tell people you want it.

The Ralph & Ron prints are edited & will be listed on Etsy as soon as the prints arrive & I can photograph them in sample frames. I can’t wait to see them in “real life” as opposed to on the screen of the iPad during the editing process.

Speaking of “real life”, I clearly don’t spend much time in mine- how funny is it that I actually convinced myself to accomplish a list of things to avoid being pelted with tomatoes?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, a public to do list. That is brave, good for you.