Friday, September 2, 2011

Quote of the Month: Mark Twain

This quote was used this week in Kelly Rae Robert’s e-course “Flying Lessons” & I thought it would be perfect for the quote of the month as I become more comfortable trying new things & practice leaning into the feelings surrounding my efforts at making a creative life.

It also speaks to me as someone who learned about the permanence of death at a really young age. Although I allowed myself to live in a bit of an inauthentic fog for much of my early adulthood, I have always had an acute awareness that time was passing me by. It can make a person feel a little frantic- even as you are letting life carry you along without putting much thought into your choices, there seems to be an undercurrent pulling you in another direction, toward the person you were meant to be & the things you were meant to do.

Accepting that may be scary but it also creates a calm inner stillness when you allow yourself to go in the direction you were meant to all along, the direction that allows you to hopefully leave this earth without an abundance of regret & disappointment.

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