Friday, October 21, 2011

My first commission

I’ve been told that an effective way to determine what job would really make you happy is to consider what you liked to do as a child, before everyone started pushing you & pulling you in different directions. Generally speaking, it made sense to me but I didn’t realize just how accurate it could be until I was looking through some of my father’s things recently.

There it was… a tiny little pumpkin sketch. The drawing was no surprise to me, there are many of those in his things, tucked in pages of books & folded in neat little squares. I immediately flipped it over to see what he had written on the back & smiled as the surprise registered on my face. On the back of this tiny paper, he explained that he had placed an “order” for the pumpkin on the notebook I hung on my bedroom door, while explaining to everyone that I had placed it there in case anyone wanted some art. I was eight years old.

All this time I thought I had accepted my first commission for art in 2008, when it was actually 1982. And with that little note that my father took the time to write for me, I am reminded that making art was what I was always meant to do… even if my pumpkins could use a little practice.

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