Monday, October 17, 2011

Thoughts on the '36 things' list

 Have art week (again)
 Get fancy camera
Go to ‘Gallery Walk’ in Hot Springs
Take photography class
 Go to ‘3rd Friday Art Night’ in North Little Rock
Have contest on my blog
Make my own Happiness Project
Read & review more pet or art books for blog
Host art-making party for friends
Make more mixed media projects
Get sewing machine
Learn to sew
Paint/decorate studio
 Make homemade holiday decorations
3 creative-biz things 5 days a week toward being a full-time artist
 Have OOTW fundraiser kids/art
 Keep a sketchbook
 Go hiking
Buy more handmade items (Etsy!)
 Comment on blogs I love
 List 100 items on Etsy
Make an Etsy treasury
  Paint Ron Burgundy’s portrait
 Reread my favorite children’s books
 Buy fancy printer
Get 250 facebook followers
Learn not to be afraid of the printer mentioned in #25
Give 5 handmade gifts for no reason at all
Make series of ‘Ralphie & Ron’ prints
Submit something to an art magazine
Sell enough art to donate $1000 to OOTW
  Paint a piece of furniture
  Do more yoga
  Encourage someone
 Take Maisy for more walks
 Try something new

Like most compulsive list-makers, I enjoy the feeling of marking something off as completed & most of my lists are things I need to do. It’s a bit of a nerdy high to finish these types of lists. The birthday list is a different story, as although it is made up of some things that “need” to happen, most of it consists of things I really want to do but haven’t bothered making the time for. Another difference is that knowing I need to come up with one item for each year I have been around makes me have to reach for things, sometimes out of my comfort zone. This is good because I have historically spent so much time in my comfort zone that I could potentially ask that my census form be delivered there.

For the most part, my ’36 Things’ list made me feel inspired & creative, although there were also moments of self-doubt & fear. I also felt a little anger (thanks to the sewing machine) & some physical pain (thanks to my desire to try something new, i.e. ice skating). Looking back over the things accomplished compared to the things that were left off also showed me where my priorities were during my 36th year.

Even though I didn’t make it through the whole list, I enjoyed it enough to make a new one. I’m working on it now & looking forward to sharing it with you.

Maybe during my 37th year I will be braver. Maybe I won’t. But I can’t wait to find out.

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