Friday, August 31, 2012

Feature Art Friday: A Seashell for Lori

I started this painting knowing that it would be a gift, but having no idea what it would actually "be".
I knew it would include a lot of blue and orange because she loves those colors together.
I finally decided on a seashell because the beach is her favorite place. (Although I came very close to just leaving it the crazy abstract you see above.)
I started getting a little worried with the depth of the color in the center of the shell (above) But warmed up to it after adding some orange in the center. Here's the finished painting:
I sent this surprise by mail, so I'll be marking that off my '37 things' list... which is a good thing because I may have sort of forgotten about that list over the last couple of months & I'm running out of time... (oops).

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