Wednesday, August 29, 2012

National Harbor, Maryland: The strange and the wonderful

Sunrise peeking over the wing of my airplane on the way to D.C.= wonderful
 These flowers at the National Zoo with my BFF & her daughter = wonderful
 This butterfly bench near my hotel in National Harbor, Maryland = wonderful
 A quite unexpected sculpture emerging from the sand = strange
 A closer view of the sculpture = still strange
 A strawberry cheesecake cupcake from Cake Love = wonderful 
(so wonderful that my mouth STILL waters when I see the photo of it... & it took more self-control than I thought myself capable of to walk 3 feet to a table, sit down with it & pull out the camera for the photo before cramming it in my mouth. Only the desire to save my camera from sticky cupcake-icing-covered hands kept me from eating the cupcake without first photographing it. I actually had a very quick conversation with myself in my head about how certainly you would believe me without seeing it...True story. Best. Cupcake. Ever.)

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