Friday, August 17, 2012

No Loitering

The irony of this has always amused me.
I'm (once again) finding myself in one of those stretches of time where there are so many things to do that I do not seem to be doing any of them very well. It isn't said as some sort of complaint- I very much appreciate that I have a very stable full-time job in this questionable economy, a fun part-time job & a sudden influx of commissioned art. I appreciate ALL of it. I've just found myself under a wee bit of a time constraint with so much of it so in an effort to be healthy, I'm going to take a teeny tiny break here. (radical self-care, my BFF calls it.) 

If you choose to spend a moment of your valuable time checking in here to see something inspirational or creative you should have something that is written by someone feeling inspirational & creative, right? Not a crazy tired manic woman running from one commitment to the other & just pausing to slap up a photo & find something to say to go along with it just to be able to check in off the list of things to do. And the last week or two that is what you have been getting. 

So I will be back soon- and I will really be here & present, not loitering about on the blog while thinking ahead to the next thing on the list. Promise.

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