Monday, August 6, 2012

The 1,000 mile sign

I'm calling it the 1,000 mile sign because it feels like it has been packed that far. I primed the board & painted it this really pretty robin's egg blue that has been a recent favorite & then couldn't decide what else to do with it. So back into the corner of the garage it went for a while. Then I thought if it came in the house & leaned up against the fireplace, just below the TV,  maybe I would be struck with some sort of creative impulse. Then I got tired of looking at it... so I moved it into the dining room. At some point it got in my way so I carried it back out to the garage. A few weeks later, I wandered by it on my way to get clothes out of the dryer and brought it back in, leaning it against the counter as I made dinner. You see the trend here, right? Maybe it hasn't been quite 1,000 miles... but it has been in and out of my house more than any other half-finished art project that I can remember. Hopefully I'll get it finished by next Monday & be able to show you something besides a half-finished blue board, because I'm spending so much time with it that it is starting to feel a bit like a member of the family.

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