Monday, September 10, 2012

Finished birdies, or "how I had my morning coffee"

Here they are... the birdies are finally finished. They have hangers on the back & tiny little homemade tags on the front. I attached the hangers & the tags early in the morning before getting ready to go to my "big girl' job... this is how I "relax" with my morning coffee occasionally- can you see it in the middle of the table? I was in my jammies, without so much as having brushed my hair- but I knew there was a very limited amount of time to finish it before going to work so I finished it up while half-asleep. Someday I will look back & laugh about having days this busy... between trying to get my art to take flight & going to my full-time job, but for now I'll just be thankful that there are people interested in things I make, I have a very stable day job with a reasonable amount of flexibility, & I didn't spill any coffee. This time.

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