Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Art week day 1... unfinished art 'hide and seek'

What is it, you ask? I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out. What I would like to know is this- why is that my mother’s hand holding my little heart sculpture, when I distinctly remember photographing it in my own hand?

When I went into the studio Monday morning, the first thing I did was remove all the commissioned pet portraits. I can’t take a 5 day vacation from them when they are all staring at me, now can I?

I put them in the hall.

I continued to try to avert my eyes and fight off the urge to apologize to them every time I walked by.

I covered them with a blanket.

The prospect of hanging out in my studio for 5 days and just making whatever I want had me so excited that I immediately started 5 projects. A gnat on methamphetamines has nothing on my non-existent attention span. Here are photos of a couple of the projects in process.


  1. Birds! Birds! I like the bird one. :-)

  2. You're funny- I'll post a photo of it when it is finished. I'm glad you are cheering for the bird art because I'm favoring the sea tutles, myself.